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Parking As A Service

       for all garages

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You park fast and pay less

        from a tap on your phone 


Wijpark IoT solution: Parking As A Service

To improve the consumer's parking & travel experience using smart technology to easily arrive, visit and depart. What we provide

  • Locations of available parking spaces
  • Associated parking rates
  • The ability of navigation to notify the visitor of how to get to available parking
  • Recognition that user has arrived in the garage and specific stall
  • Length of stay in occupied stall
  • Real-time record that user has vacated the space for the cycle to begin again

Target customers

We focus on the small and medium size of companies' parking garage device management and visitor parking management, e.g. hotels, dentists.

API & Integration

It is easy to integrate our solution with existing parking management system, both in hardware and software. We provide APIs for that purpose.

Product Features

  • Compatible with existing parking devices;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Mobile based solutions 


We provide cloud-based software service. By request, the local server and service are also possible with customized configurations.

Installation & maintenance

The installation and maintenance service can be done by any third party installation companies and we provide instructions. 

P2P Sharing

If you want to share your parking lots with public or third parties, our software supports the whole process including reservation; payment; check in-out; etc.

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